Organization of work of sales department boosted with mobile sales force automation

The sales department is the locomotive of any company, it defines the success of all organization. But can you be sure that sales managers work for all 100%? And what is necessary to undertake to increase efficiency several times? It is important to make sure that your sellers can communicate with each and office 24/7 no matter where they are now. So it is important to implement mobile sales force automation

Work of any manager irrespective whether he sells plastic windows or food is divided into 3 key processes: search of the client — sale — execution of the transaction. But what is the time your managers spend for preparation of consignment notes, accounts, filing special forms and other paperwork? They could use this time with a bigger advantage, making the companies profit. On the other hand, not always the direct head can make an objective opinion on the work of this or that employee. It is obvious that without a uniform system that is mobile and efficient the results won’t be reached. In a CRM that incorporates mobile Sales Force Automation there is everything to lift work in sales department of your company several levels higher. You will be able to solve the following problems with its help:

1. Effective management
The organization of work of sales department begins with understanding and statement of the purposes before each specific manager and control of their achievement. By means of such a solution, the head will be able to see work with all current clients, complete transactions, own affairs, the completed applications, the carried-out tasks and to receive reports from each employee in his department. And it is possible to do it from any point where there is an Internet: only the browser is necessary for app functioning.
When it comes to the sales manager it becomes much simpler: accounts are drawn up by one pressing of the button, all information on clients is in the uniform system, it becomes easy to plan the working day and just to remember all events and instructions.
2. Motivation of employees
Work of the sales department in any company is based on the system of bonuses calculating as the percent from sales volume.

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