The Perfect Comparing of the Word Documents

When you have been working on a document for a long time, it is normal to archive different versions. And sometimes you do not remember which one is the newest.Or several people work on the same project, and want to compare the differences between their respective texts. Or maybe you want to know if someone is plagiarizing your texts .

Comparing two texts to see differences is a relatively common task, so there are many ways to solve it. Most word processors include a comparison function, but that requires installing and executing a program. If you want to know how to compare two word documents then the following options are there also.

We are going to see some web pages that allow us to compare two texts . The advantage is that they do not require installing software. But you have to keep in mind that these texts will be uploaded to the Internet (although some work locally). The comparison services ensure that they do not read them. You decide if you trust his word. Our advice is that you do not upload personal or private texts to the Internet with important information.

Tool to compare texts

This website is one of the most popular when comparing texts to find differences , because it is very simple to use.

Simply paste the two texts, one in each box, and press the Compare button . You can also upload a text file with the Select File button.

In the lower part you can select how you want to compare. With two types of marking, side by side, or online.

Text Compare!

Although it is in English, Text Compare! It works perfectly in Spanish, and even recognizes the accents. As in the previous case, simply paste the texts and press the Compare button !

It will show you the differences highlighted in blue. It includes an option to send the results by email.


Again, paste the two texts and press the Find the Differences button to compare two texts to see the differences. FineReader we like because it highlights the whole word, not just the changed letter. Also if you want you can save the results for 1 hour, a day, a month, or forever (creating a free account).

They say that everything is invented and that it is normal for an idea or concept to be repeated in two apparently unconnected articles. But sometimes there are those who copy to another without mentioning it. For those cases, what better to compare texts with a tool for that purpose.

It will have happened to you on more than one occasion that you have an idea, you think it is very good and when you share it with your surroundings, it turns out that someone had already had it before and put it into practice. But from there to two people write the same document without agreeing, there is a stretch, or rather, a plagiarism.


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